Self Service Moving Assistance -- You Load, They Drive

Avoid the Hurdles of Pricy Moving Services

We all have to watch our costs when moving, but not everyone is up for doing all of the work on his or her own. Fortunately, for you penny-pinchers, there's a middle approach: self-service Moving Assistance, commonly referred to as 'You Load, They Drive.'

Here's how it works:

You pack up all your things in boxes, and when the moving van arrives, you load everything yourself.

Then a professional driver from a Moving Company does the driving for you, taking all of your goods to your new home -- no worrying about driving a huge truck through narrow city streets. Later, simply unload the self-service truck at your destination. You can also rent a portable storage unit that gets moved on a flat bed truck.

This can either be delivered to your home for loading, or you can load a smaller one at a company site that offers this service. We can help you find self-service moving providers, and also help educate you on the best way to load a moving van.

Everyone knows that both local and long distance moving services can become costly if you don't choose the right company, but how can you tell which one is right for you? That's where comes in. We take the guessing out of your decision and send Professional Movers to you upon request. These fully licensed and insured professionals will be able to reduce your costs by offering premium-moving services, which allows them to be extremely efficient. Thanks to this efficiency and the number of commercial and residential moving companies that we carry, our clientele automatically enjoys up to 70% discounts and savings. Toss free moving quotes into the equation and you have an incredible deal. So while competing companies may refuse to accommodate your budget, you can rest assured that the affordable experts in our network will not. After all, firmly believes in providing any customer with the option to choose professional relocation assistance, so make your call today!

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